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Vic-Ter-Rae over the fluke

Three of the four crewmembers of the fishing trawler Vic-Ter-Rae have been fishing together for more than a decade and have become quite adept in dealing with the ups and downs of fishing. Squid is the trawler’s mainstay which fetches 62.5 cents a pound. In addition, the trawler also fishes for fluke which is limited to 1,000 pounds per trip. Sushi-grade fluke sells for $5 a pound and is shipped to Japan. However, the beginning of 1999 was not so good for the trawler as it did not catch any squid.

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Benefits Of Wearing Best Wading Boots When Going Fishing

When a person decides to take part in fishing, probably most of his concern would be choosing the most suitable fishing rods and reels, what techniques he needs to learn and what lures he should use. When I started my first fishing trip, I was so occupied with all of the techniques and my tackle box that I forget all about my fishing outfit and footwear. I ended up wearing normal clothes and had to pay a big prices for it- I was cold and uncomfortable throughout my trip.

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Lady Luck

While surfcasting in Rhode Island in the fall of ’88, George Schirmer of Moorestown, New Jersey, beached a 52-pound striper, his first fish in the 50-pound class. It was the best of a pile of bass taken by him and his three buddies in two nights. He later found out that same weekend that he had won a brand-new Mercedes in a raffle at home. George had bought the last ticket.Continue reading

Alaskan odyssey: we cheated disaster

Alaska provides hunters and fishermen with many opportunities and locations to partake in their activity. The experiences of fishing in Aniakchak Bay and hunting for rams in the Arctic Wildlife National Refuge are described.
We set out to hunt and fish the Alaskan bush, unprepared for the imminent peril of a hungry grizzly and a harrowing canyon passage.

Three Die When Air Taxi Goes Down in Yukon.” “Crash Kills Four.” “Light Plane Missing.” What had we gotten ourselves into?

My husband, Bob, and I were scanning the Anchorage paper on the eve of our departure for Painter Creek Lodge in one of the most remote areas of the Alaska Peninsula. After fishing for Arctic char and salmon, we would travel more than 1,000 miles across the state aboard a bush plane to the Brooks Range north of the Arctic Circle, where Bob would try for a Dall ram.Continue reading

Adventures of Ranger Rick: Elmo Armadillo has heard horrible news. Can he and the gang save the whole earth?

Ranger Rick Raccoon flicked his fishing line into the lake, leaned back against a willow tree, and breathed deeply. The warm air was full of rich, earthy smells. And from all around, Rick could hear the little rustles and chirps and hums of animals scurrying and fluttering and buzzing about. Spring had come to Deep Green Wood.Continue reading

Island in distress

Bornholm, a small Baltic island with a population of 50,000, seems unlikely to be reserved from the crisis which involves farmers having to adjust to reduced subsidies. The tourist industry is replacing framing, but many jobs are seasonal, and for farmers, stone masons, and fisherman, finding jobs as waiters is very difficult. Bornholm anticipates assistance from Denmark and the European Community.
Symbolically, a ballad entitled “Expect No Mercy” won first prize at a music festival on the small Baltic island of Bornholm, the eastern outpost of Denmark barring a few small islets. Bornholm, with a population of 50,000 is in distress. And there is little hope that a special government task force will be able to make much of an impact on the crisis.Continue reading

The Fish Finder And Its Working Procedure

Fishing is a great hobby and nowadays it is gaining popularity day by day especially to the young enthusiastic generation. It carries out several virtues like patience, attention and steadiness of a person. Not only entertaining, fishing is quite relaxing for the people who work under pressure all week long. A relaxing fishing tour under the shade or in a boat all day long, refreshes the body and mind

Previously, fishing required multiple qualities including the long and expert practice of seamanship. Nowadays fishing is not that much difficult to go for a successful fishing trip as fish finder is available now. If you have a renowned brand fish finder, you can easily find the appropriate place for fishing, all you have to know is its characteristics and using procedure. Here I will discuss about the features and using procedure as well as the basic working structure of a best fish finder. You also find more information in the link: reading

The team to 1992

THE president of the European Commission, Mr Jacques Delors, has set himself up as Mr 1992. The way he doled out the jobs among his 16 colleagues in the new commission which takes over on january 6th leaves him with no rival. The task of creating the seamless EEC market by the end of 199L, previously held by Lord Cockfield of Britain, has been split three ways. Responsibility for it all lies with Mr Delors.

This commission faces a big job: its four-year mandate leads right up to the end of 1992, when the great Euromarket is supposed to be completed. The new team has the familiar mix of former government ministers, party time-servers and technocrats. Has Mr Delors at least placed them where they can be most effective?Continue reading

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