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Shoei rf-1200 Motorcycle Helmet one of top 5 best helmets 2017

Here comes Shoei RF-1200 helmet which exceeds the previous ever popular RF-1100. This helmet is extremely popular now cause of the many improvements making it the must have helmet today.

What is Shoei RF 1100 known for?

This helmet is known for its charming simple look and aerodynamic design and the price is pretty reasonable too. In 2003, this charming helmet was launched and from then on this helmet has been known far and wide. This helmet is designed to captivate regular motorists because of its streamline design, aerodynamic design, vision clarity, and great ventilation as well as its noise reduction capability.

Why is Shoei RF 1200 better?

When it comes to surpassing its predecessor, it might be hard but the makers did a splendid job and surpassed any expectations. Let me give you some features why I have said that.

1. How does it Fit?

Fits to most people because of its oval shaped internal intermediate fit
Not available for people with football or spherical shaped heads.

2. Comfort

It is comfortable because of its hypoallergenic lining that Is removable and washable.
Softer fabric is used on the lower half and a much tougher upper part
When it comes to reducing sound and sealing wind away from the face, this helmet made a pretty good job because of its thick neck roll that hugs perfectly

3. Clarity of Vision

Outstanding vision because it uses CWR-1 shield
Gives you full view including peripheral vision which is a problem to most helmets.

4. Weight

When it comes to weight, this helmet is incredibly light. In fact they strongly claim that it is one of the lightest lid certified by Snell.
This is quite small too because they have made the external size smaller to medium and made it more stable

5. Ventilation

It actually has the same system it uses with the RF-1200 but they added a vent at the forehead

6. Graphic

Elegantly designed
Great paint job
Solid clean lines

7. Price

This is a steal, cause despite a bit more expensive than its predecessor –believe me it is all worth it.
The price is still in the middle range but is worth every penny because of its excellent upgradesContinue reading

Vic-Ter-Rae over the fluke

Three of the four crewmembers of the fishing trawler Vic-Ter-Rae have been fishing together for more than a decade and have become quite adept in dealing with the ups and downs of fishing. Squid is the trawler’s mainstay which fetches 62.5 cents a pound. In addition, the trawler also fishes for fluke which is limited to 1,000 pounds per trip. Sushi-grade fluke sells for $5 a pound and is shipped to Japan. However, the beginning of 1999 was not so good for the trawler as it did not catch any squid.

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