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Alaskan odyssey: we cheated disaster

Alaska provides hunters and fishermen with many opportunities and locations to partake in their activity. The experiences of fishing in Aniakchak Bay and hunting for rams in the Arctic Wildlife National Refuge are described.
We set out to hunt and fish the Alaskan bush, unprepared for the imminent peril of a hungry grizzly and a harrowing canyon passage.

Three Die When Air Taxi Goes Down in Yukon.” “Crash Kills Four.” “Light Plane Missing.” What had we gotten ourselves into?

My husband, Bob, and I were scanning the Anchorage paper on the eve of our departure for Painter Creek Lodge in one of the most remote areas of the Alaska Peninsula. After fishing for Arctic char and salmon, we would travel more than 1,000 miles across the state aboard a bush plane to the Brooks Range north of the Arctic Circle, where Bob would try for a Dall ram.Continue reading

Adventures of Ranger Rick: Elmo Armadillo has heard horrible news. Can he and the gang save the whole earth?

Ranger Rick Raccoon flicked his fishing line into the lake, leaned back against a willow tree, and breathed deeply. The warm air was full of rich, earthy smells. And from all around, Rick could hear the little rustles and chirps and hums of animals scurrying and fluttering and buzzing about. Spring had come to Deep Green Wood.Continue reading

6 Reasons to Buy Electric Golf Push Carts

The most important thing for golfers is enjoying a good golf game. When playing an 18-hole course, you have to walk in a long time while carrying all golf clubs. However, lugging all things on the shoulder isn’t a wise choice. The weight of equipment can make your shoulders painful and affect the way of the swing. Besides that, you can also suffer from health problems if carrying the heavy bags frequently on the shoulders.Continue reading