Tips for Hanging Hammock When Camping

Camping is always a great adventure. People used to go out for camping into the woods, pass their weekend in the soft lap of nature. Waking up from the sleep hearing the beautiful singing of an unknown wild bird is really amazing. People usually go for camping in the remote wild area where there are no connections with civilization. Family camping will always takes in a secure please, it goes without saying. People usually pitch a tent or hang a hammock if they go for a wild camping. The question I face most is, what should we do in the camping? Pitch a tent or hang a hammock?

Which one is the best tent and which one is the best camping hammock?

Tips for Hanging Hammock When Camping

A wild camping releases the monotony of daily busy life in the city. If you can go for a camping, surely you will have some awesome moment with yourself and you will grow some inner power inside. Few days in the fresh air, handmade fresh food, swimming in the natural fresh water, all will act as a power source for the next few weeks. No matter you go for a camping trip or hammock camping, you should prepare from the very beginning.

Hammock Or Tent:

If you face the question after reaching your camp site that what you should do, tent a pitch or hang a hammock. To answer the question, you have to undergo some consideration. First, look at the sky. Is it clear or are the stars visible? If you can see the clear sky or the sky full of stars that means the possibility of raining is low. But to stay on the safe side, you should also hear the weather report of that particular area. If you see that the possibility of rain is very low, why you will bother to pitch a tent? You have to arrange it again in tomorrow morning. Better hang your hammock and sleep deeper than the tent people. Again, if it is too hot and your tents do not have sufficient ventilation, go out and hang our hammock. No need to swim in your sweat inside the hammock. But there are some catches too. If you feel moist air in your face or a cloudy sky over your head, it may rain and you should not stay in the hammock under open sky on a rainy night. Pitch your tent and use the water proof cover before it starts raining. Again, if there is much insect in that area and your hammock do not have a safety net, do not bother to stay outside. Pitch your tent and stay safe inside it.

How To Hang Hammock When Camping:

Hammocks Quality:

As you are camper and you are using the hammock for a better sleep, try to choose the model that suits with your requirement. There are plenty of models with different companies. The hammock used for leisure site seeing is a bit different for the hammock made for trekker and adventurer. Make sure you have an adventure hammock which can suit any situation.
It is recommended by the experienced trekkers and adventurers to use the atlas strap ion such situation. While buying the hammock, if you get the option to pick a strap, definitely go for atlas strap. It has a catch which is, it is a bit heavy. But the combined poly-filament and daisy chain produce a great stability and endurance. It can also bear a huge amount of stretch. If you want to hang the hammock with the bigger trees, this elasticity of this strap will surely help you a lot.

Bug Net:

Ty to buy a hammock which have a built in bug net. If your hammock does not have one, make sure to buy a bug net. You are going to the wild forest, not in a 5 star hotel. There is a huge proximity of mosquito. You mosquito repealing cream may not be fruitful there. You are going to sleep in the hammock which may not be satisfactory if the mosquito bites you the whole night. For your safety, buy a bug net.

Warm Cloth:

A basic difference between the tent pitch and hammock is you will stay on the fresh air. If you lay on the ground, the air will pass over you only. In case of hammock, the air has to ways to go, over you and underneath you. It may not be possible that the night will be as warmer as the day. The night usually becomes colder. If you stay on the hammock unprotected, there is a huge possibility that you will be freezing in the cold breeze. So it will be wise for you to buy and carry some warm clothes and protect yourself in the hammock.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you. Have a safe camping.


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