Walking in Water

Buying best breathable waders used in here to be a mindless task : Just drive to the tackleshop and pick up a pair. But no longer are all waders created equal. They come in different weights for different conditions, and are made of materials like Gore-Tex, Kevlar, titanium and Cordura. So don’t just buy the first pair you spot on the shelf. Choose the ones designed to fit your needs. Here are five affordable waders worth keeping in mind.

The thicker the neoprene, the heavier and more cumbersome the waders. Enter the Double L by L.L. Bean, which uses thinner, two-millimeter neoprene. They don’t insulate enough for the winter, but they’re an excellent all-purpose choice for the rest of the year The high-stretch knee pads are pliable and the neoprene shoulder straps distribute weight comfortably L.L. Bean: 800/221-4221. $239.


Glacier Glove: Lightweight Chest Wilder

The economically priced Lightweight Chest Wader from Glacier Glove is made of a pliable PVC-coated nylon and stuffs easily into a backpack. Though they’re intended primarily for the summer, you can use the waders in slightly cooler waters if you dress warmly underneath. Glacier Glove: 800/ 728-8235. $50.

Red Head: Bone-Dry Titanium Boot-Foot

These waders have a titanium barrier covering each side of the 3.5 millimeter neoprene core, plus a Thinsulate lining to provide plenty of warmth without adding bulk or sacrificing comfort. In other words, they’re made for fishing fanatics who are out there on even the coldest of days from late fall to early spring. The Kevlar knee pads add durability. Sass Pre Shops: 800/227-7776. $150.

Orvis: River Otter

Traditional neoprene waders tend to absorb so much water it can be hard to move around, especially when you’re facing a strong current. That’s why the River Otter waders by Orvis have a slick outer skin–they stay so light that crossing a fast-moving stream is not nearly as daunting. The three-millimeter neoprene may be a little too thin for cold days, but it’s perfect for spring and fall. The River Otter’s protective finish also fends off briars and brush better than traditional neoprene. Orvis: 800/548-9548. $150.

Cabela’s: Dry-Plus Breathable Stocking Foot

Yes, that’s right, you can buy best breathable waders for less than $350. Cabela’s uses its proprietary Dry-Plus membrane in the Stocking Foot Wader to keep you dry, cool and sweat-free in warm weather And in near-freezing waters, if you wear warm layers you’ll be more comfortable in these than in a pair of thick neoprene waders. They are lightweight, provide plenty of mobility, and have a reinforced layer of neoprene on the knees. They also come with a stuff sack, repair kit, suspenders and gravel guards. Cabela’s: 800/237-4444. $160.

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