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Walking in Water

Buying best breathable waders used in here to be a mindless task : Just drive to the tackleshop and pick up a pair. But no longer are all waders created equal. They come in different weights for different conditions, and are made of materials like Gore-Tex, Kevlar, titanium and Cordura. So don’t just buy the first pair you spot on the shelf. Choose the ones designed to fit your needs. Here are five affordable waders worth keeping in mind.Continue reading

Pipeline, fishing factions argue safety issue

The U.S. gas pipeline and fishing industries are at odds over what should be done to keep fishing vessels from striking pipelines on the seabed.

Pipeline witnesses told a House merchant marine subcommittee hearing in New Orleans the locations of offshore pipelines should be noted on marine navigation charts, and commercial fishing vessels should be required to consult them.Continue reading

Back to basics

If you understand how to find fish in salt water, you’ll be successful in fresh water too, as Karl Anderson proved on Lake Okeechobec.

PEOPLE OFTEN THINK gthat saltwater or “deep-sea” fishing involves an entirely different set of techniques than freshwater fishing. Not necessarily true. At first glance, thee wouldn’t seem to be much similarity between the saltwater flounder, known in New England as “fluke,” and the freshwater crappie that Floridians call “speckled perch,” but the tackle and many of the techniques used for one will work well for the other. After all, basics are basics!

Here’s an example: After reading about the event in a local newspaper, my friend Karl Anderson decided to fish the Lake Okeechobee “Crappiethon,” a one-day tournament held on the Florida lake that is the largest body of fresh water completely within the U.S. boundaries.Continue reading

Fish to match my mountains

It’s always surprised me that more backpackers aren’t anglers. Look closely at the blue lines on those high-mountain topo maps and you’re likely to find plenty of trout habitat; get your face close to the water and you’ll see the insect life that captures a trout’s attention. You might consider knocking a few miles off your next walk to spend some time in the stream you were planning to hike along.Continue reading

Hot weather got you down?

When temperatures rise, it’s time to get crankin’

When plastic worms first hit the market in the 1950s, they so thoroughly revolutionized bass fishing that even now many bass anglers are reluctant to use anything else. But the worm may be turning (pardon the pun but not the sentiment). It’s not that soft plastics have suddenly lost their fish-catching magic, it’s simply that they’re no longer every bass fisherman’s knee-jerk preference in every situation. The lure that most lately has bulled its way to the top for hot summertime fishing is made of wood or hard plastic, has treble hooks, and has a lip to make it dive and wobble. It’s the crankbait.Continue reading